Our lives – all parts of them – should bring satisfaction and a sense of purpose. Where we live, how we live, with whom we live and the things we do should all equate to what we most love.

Nova Scotia: land of my birth. Upstate New York State: the land in which I was destined to live and work. Both are home to me. I appreciate their natural beauty and all who live within them.


My years of teaching, working with young people and adults who seek to learn, have given me enduring pleasure and pride. The longer we live, the more we learn; the more we learn, the better we live.


Music claims my time as a church musician. Playing for weddings and, yes, funerals is satisfying for the pleasure it brings to others in both circumstances, but playing as others sing along is best of all. People “let it all out” when they sing together, making a bond of energy and joy that lifts us all to a higher place.


Writing is just another form of music: poetry, news articles, assorted workshops and programs, and the co-authoring (with Vicki Milunich) of a Kindle book are a sampling of what pours from my pen…. nowadays, my laptop.


The treasure I’ve gathered are the people I love: family, friends, students, colleagues. All are priceless in value and dear to my heart. So, as Dear Emily once said, this is my “Letter to the World….” to the people I love, about the places I love and the things that I most love to do.


Enjoy, Dear Reader!