Pre-Halloween Rotary Prayer

Pre-Halloween Rotary Prayer


The ghoulies

And ghosties must all look a fright,

So they can be scary on Halloween night.

They practice their tricks until light on their feet,

But you can defuse them with plenty of treats.

Put Hershey Bars, kisses and caramels and such

Into a big bowl, for you can’t have too much!

They’ll come to your doors….

You must not give up hope…

Though they are well armed

With some raw eggs and soap.

To overcome spooks is a do-able task.

Though wrapped up in sheets

And disguised by a mask.

Beneath the disguise there’s a cute little booger,

Whom you can subdue with a bowl full of sugar!

If only the evils that plague us today,

By something so simple

Could be kept at bay.

But that is exactly where heroes come in,

The war against horror they labor to win.

Good people can put their resources to use

To help out their brothers…

When evils are loose.

Evils like illness and crippling conditions,

Hunger and thirst causing human attrition.

It’s always important to maximize health,

Give thanks for our blessings,

And share time and wealth.

 From Rotary’s good works there is no escape….

We’re heroes!

And all that we need is the cape.




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