Double Parked


“Haul on your costumes and your masks,”

The ghoulish hoyden barked:

“Don’t make me chew my cabbage twice;

My broom is double parked!”

First came the zombie, all undone,

Its wrappings torn asunder.

There came Tweedles Dee and Dum,

And Alice, full of wonder.

Two other children were a horse,

Not well coordinated.

Next were several presidents,

All vastly overstated.

Out into All Hallow’s Eve

The costumed rev’lers trod:

All with baskets for their loot,

And all extremely odd.

They hit the porches, rang the bells,

They chorused, “Trick or treat!”

The neighbors shrank in mock alarm,

And offered up their sweets.

Meanwhile the witch un-parked her broom,

And turned it toward the sky:

The night was young and inky dark,

And she was born to fly.

Haiku Moment...

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