Advent Calendar.....

Advent for Grown-Ups


Children enjoy counting off the days of December until Christmas. We’ve all seen, sent or received an advent calendar at some time in our lives.


We may also have received a calendar of suggested Bible readings, and even promised ourselves that this year we would read every one, each on its appointed day. The purpose here is to encourage spiritual growth, which - in those of us with less discipline – turns into spiritual guilt when we don’t manage to read very many of them.


But, here is a list of doable activities, all different, none difficult, from which to pick and choose during the first twenty-five days of December. Although a few of the items are timely, you can do them in any order, skip a few, start again… whatever.


No guilt need be felt at not doing each one every single day, no matter what! However, each one you do choose to accomplish might result in a better day, a better you, or possibly a better world. That will be true, even if you only manage to complete one! So, see how many you can handle. Above all, have fun and spread joy!


1.)         Sing a Christmas carol. Or, just sing!

2.)        Invite a friend to church and/or go visit a friend.

3.)        Share something with a neighbor, or a stranger.

4.)        Read Luke, chapter one.

5.)        Extend or accept an invitation.

6.)        Watch a Christmas movie.

7.)        Buy a bag of Hershey’s kisses and give them all away.

8.)         Contribute to chow or a local food pantry.

9.)         Go to church, or send a donation to a worthy cause.

10.)        While driving, pray for those you are passing.

11.)         Plan to attend a Christmas play or concert.

12.)        Read a Christmas story.

13.)         Call someone who lives alone. Have a chat.

14.)         Be patient/forgiving when it’s really difficult.

15.)         Pay for the person behind you.

16.)         Smile at everyone you meet.

17.)          Write cards and put personal messages in them.

18.)         Wrap a present and pray for the recipient.

19.)         While shopping, be especially kind to those around you.

20.)        Leave an unusually generous tip. Even once!

21.)         Read Luke, chapter two. Yes, all of it.

22.)        Sing louder than you’ve ever sung before.

23.)        Wish strangers a ”Merry Christmas!”

24.)        Light a candle and think about Jesus as a baby boy.

25.)        Share Christmas with those you love.


It will be a miracle if you were to not to accomplish some of these without even thinking about it. And, it will be a miracle if you complete any,  many or even most of them. No matter what, miracles are in season…, have a Merry and Blessed Christmas!

Christmas greetings - December 24, 2018

Christmas Time