Christmas greetings - December 24, 2018

Merry Christmas - Happy New Year


The full moon of a few days ago was such a show-stopper, beautifully peeking through a cloudy skyscape, that I had to revisit a poem of several Christmases ago! It is posted through email, on Facebook and in my blog, which is

But, please share it with others you think might be interested, because my circle of contacts is far from complete. Our yearly news letter follows the Greeting in Rhyme for any who might be interested. Dick and I wish all of you a wonderful Christmas, a joyous celebration of life and love, and a New Year full of new journeys and accomplishments.

Here, then, is the newly revised version of “Christmas Moon”…..aptly entitled…


Another Christmas Moon


I see another Christmas moon, gliding ‘cross the sky...

A grand celestial ornament, a mystery on high.

The storied star of Bethlehem, was summoned for a day,

The birthday of a King! It sought to guide and lead the way.

But, that full moon that rides above, shone just as full that night of love,

Much as it does this moment…

A symbol of God’s constancy, and thoughts of Him to foment.

For Christmas marks the birth of Christ, that baby in a manger.

He came that all might know pure love,

The sinner….. And the stranger.

His earthly life, much like that star,

Was Brilliant, Bold and Brave:

He came to love us as we are, our tattered selves to save.

His Life beyond the earth goes on, the God-child in full bloom…

Salvation still He offers… more lasting than the moon.

Unconditional love and life that calm the lost soul’s wail:

They ransom us from sin and make the Magi’s gifts grow pale.

The Baby Jesus came to prove “A little child would lead” them.

He offers gifts of life and love, because, of course, we need them.

Our Jesus walks along beside the sinner and the saved.

He offers hope and joy and peace, sweet comforts all have craved.

Stretch out your hand as toward the moon, your sight toward Heaven lift,

And claim your right, the Saviour’s Love,

Your own unending Christmas Gift.

Written just for you by the Q.O.E.

Christmas 2018


Read on for family news…


2018 Merry Christmas from Whiskey Hill!!!


Here we are again!!! Seems like last week when I wrote the 2017 letter!


It’s been another great year for seeing family and friends. ALL our children have shown up at one time or another, in one place or another….and Kiva returned to North America! The drive to Seafoam, Nova Scotia is much easier than the drive to Australia!.


Dick and I another March getaway, beginning in February so we’d arrive in Tampa in time for Karen’s retirement party. It was a grand finale worthy of her 35+ years in the military. As the “Hostess with the Mostest,” Vi outdid herself at both the on-base reception and the dinner-cruise-dance, where even Colonel Karen did some fancy steppin’. Once the party excitement calmed down and the dozens of guests limped home, we settled in to enjoy a few weeks of lovely weather with our southern girls as well as Suzy and family. We enjoyed shopping and relaxing time by the pool. This year, having just completed one of the coldest, snowiest Novembers in recent years, we’ll be good and ready for another tropical escape come March.

Suzy spent time with us in Tampa (along with Dave, Kiva and Collin). She came to Whiskey Hill in May, and returned in December, along with Vi and Karen. We will cram as much fun, into the time as possible. Meanwhile all three girls will help me get through cataract surgery. They are decorating us a bit for Christmas, and generally helping the “ol’ folks” stay on track!


Beth and Marty, and sometimes Alex and/or Trevor will/might spend time with us through Christmas and New Years…..Trev, in his senior year at Paul Smith, can more often be found on the ski slopes, or climbing cliffs or running rapids, etc, and Alex, now working for a different farm as their livestock manager, can’t always get away, but, plans to spend a few days with us in January, often a quieter time on the farm. Thanksgiving at Beth’s…..Marty was the cook, was so much fun last year that we did it again this year….and Marty outdid himself! Alex’s farm provided the biggest turkey I have ever seen….32 lbs!! But, nine of us did a pretty good job of devouring a good chunk of it. Four dogs stood ready to help with clean-up!


In late September, I made my yearly trip to Nova Scotia, accompanied by…..cue the trumpets!!!….Daughter Beth, who hadn’t been there in well over a decade. We visited Mount Thom, and spent a few lovely hours with Don and Marg MacAulay in the rustic old cabin. Beth, Suzy, Kiva and I spent 4 lovely days in a lighthouse keeper’s cottage in Port Beckerton by the sea. We visited friends, relatives, points of interest…..and topped it off with Celtic Colours concerts and several great Canadian Thanksgiving dinners at various ports of call!  fish and chips and another great son-in law-cooked meal…..this time by Dave. Spending quality time with cousins Aileen Kaiser, and Peggy and Al were especially precious.


Dick’s freelance work still is enough action to keep him on the hop. Of course, even he doesn’t hop quite as high or as fast as he used to! The Town of Colesville continues to regard him as their engineer, but Afton and Fenton are now in different hands…finally!!


Suzy and Dave had another “best year” in their lavender business to rave reviews. Together they run the Farm shop and manufacture products for their outlets in Seafoam and Halifax. Those who come to visit the farm shop in summer and the Halifax outlet on weekends year-round often turn into faithful fans, who order again and again. Suzy says they make – by hand – over ten thousand cakes of soap each year…..and are barely able to keep up with demand!


Kiva, enjoying time back home, has discovered a passion for gardening, painting and sewing. She is churning out beautiful art, embroidered sundries….and flowers and vegetables, at least through October. Even zucchini won’t grow now. She is taking French and trying to carve out a new path for herself as a re-patriated Canadian. Collin, in Florida, is enjoying building his own successful business and establishing life as a home owner with engineer partner Austin.


Beth is still doing double duty in Connecticut and New Hampshire. She loves it, but, her energy expansion project was supposed to be over nearly 2 years ago, and it extends well into 2019, with no end in sight. Fortunately, Marty keeps the light on for her, cooks, cleans, and oversees the boys as they come and go. Freelance work of his own gives his mind something with which to grapple! Alex, and his dog, Waylon, and his lovely Katie (not necessarily in that order) have moved into new digs near his new place of business….. and Trevor shows up at home only sporadically as the boys both move into lives of their own.


And here it is, Christmas again…the calendar keeps running that same old path! We hope this year-end letter finds you full happiness and in good health, full of purpose and a passion for life. Most especially, may it find you and those you hold dear enjoying a pocket of peace in a love-filled Christmas….followed by a New Year that is the best one yet!


Softly, magically, the spirit of Christmas begins to settle around our beloved house in the woods, while happy memories of good times old and new conspire to make us smile. May your memories fill you with joy and be too many to count or to measure. May thoughts of the year to come delight your soul and warm your heart. And, may the New Year bring you Hope, Peace, Joy and Love!!


Much Love to All, Lida and Dick


Welcome, January!

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