Welcome, January!

Happy New Year


Last year, I remember, at the dawning of the year,

How endless and how vast the new year seemed.

Then suddenly came April and the glimmering of spring –

Saint Patrick’s Day and Valentines by then a distant dream.

“Where has the year gone,” many asked;

Indeed I asked as well.

June, July, and August flew by in greenish blur,

And autumn soon began to cast its spell.

The holidays loomed up ahead, and now have been and gone.

The old year coughed and died down in Times’ Square.

Two thousand-eighteen was alive with wonder and with hope,

Then all at once, it up and wasn’t there!


Get a grip on January - now – while there’s still time!

Wring all you can from every single hour.

For if you don’t, it slips away,

You barely get to blink:

Rewinding time is not within our power.

Evolving Ambitions...

Christmas greetings - December 24, 2018