Happy 24th Birthday, Alex!!!


Twenty-four years ago today,

God made a farmer,

But somebody already wrote that rhyme!

Not that we can’t have more than one…

Yes, God makes farmers all the time!

How grand

That in this world of woe,

Where life’s a frantic “go, go, go!”

There are still a few, who from their birth

Seem destined to cling to the soil, the earth.

They nurture the animals

One by one:

Grateful to each when its life is done

For companionship, fruitfulness, food and more..

For goodness that nature has in store.

I thank the heart

Of a generous God,

That Alex walks where his ancestors trod..

That since the moment of his birth,

He’s communed with the animals, plants and earth.

That his hard work has clearly shown,

He’s able to bring a harvest home.


Happy Birthday, Alex!!!



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