Kiva's Natal Day...

A Granddaughter’s Natal Day!!


We spend our first years growing up.

Our next years growing better…

Discovering who and why we are,

We write the world a letter.

“Dear World,” we say, though not in words,

But clear in thought and action:

We sift the treasure from the dross,

Refining satisfaction.

So, on this special Natal Day,

As each year you grow dearer,

May all that’s blessed come your way,

May both our hearts grow nearer.

You resurrect the Monarchs,

Your seedling Babes are rife.

The joys of your adventurous soul

Are loveliness and life.

So, on my Darling’s Natal Day,

It should be no surprise…

You are a Priceless Pearl to me,

And perfect in my eyes.


Happy Birthday!!!!

Love, Nana


Happy Birthday, U.S.A.

Milkweed, Monarchs, Mystery