Happy Birthday, Collin!!

Off to the Iceland tundra…off with the Wild In-Laws!

Off to volcanic hot springs…trodden by foxes’ paws.

Savor its island culture, landscapes stark and spare…

Rooted in simple pleasures, survival their greatest care.

Enter a Celebration…twenty-sixth Natal Day!

Shared with clear-eyed strangers one half an ocean away.

Cake and ice cream?

I doubt it!

Don’t even waste a minute:

Choose some Cuisine Icelandic…jam a few candles in it!

Make a new batch of memories…experience travel’s gifts;

Recalling them ever after, helps a limp spirit lift.

Meanwhile, at home there’s family…lustily toasting your birth,

Praising the day their Collin fell from a stork to Earth!

“Thump!” rang the landing bundle, its swaddling blankets unfurled,

“Humph!” said the bird, “Here is my gift to a needy digital world!”

But, whether you’re rich and famous…or end up a well-known name,

I celebrate your arrival on Earth,

Because I’m so glad you came!

Written with Love…just for you

By The Q.O.E.

A.K.A. “Nana”

July 21, 2019



Fading Summer.....

Happy Birthday, U.S.A.