Happy Birthday, U.S.A.

Old Glory

Written for my adopted country

By The Q.O.E.

July 4, 2019


This day Old Glory brightly waves

Above the loyal, the strong and brave,

A symbol of this vast domain,

Where freedom lives, despite the pain

Of differences still unresolved,

Of problems screaming to be solved.

Its blessed existence guaranteed,

It’s sacred meaning all should heed .

For soldiers rest beneath the sod,

Who sacrificed for home and God,

Just so the likes of us today

Are free to live our chosen way...

It waves as warning to oppression,

Gives Right of Way to free expression.

The world is wild and insecure,

Its violence licks at every shore.

So, Children, listen close, I say,

Destruction’s never too far away,

What has been won at awful cost,

Quite easily could still be lost.

Arise, my friends, salute the flag:

It’s not just Betsy Ross’s rags.

It’s blood and selfless love and hope,

People clinging to frayed rope,

Hoping to reach a place of Peace

Where desperate fears and struggles cease.

We are the stripes and the fifty stars:

What is the flag?

It’s us….

It’s ours.


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