“Lizzard” Conditions

There’s a storm a-brewin’….According to Cantore:

The end of the world approaches…

Or, maybe not….

His story.

The grocery shelves have been plucked clean

Of bread and milk and chips…

Can’t face-off Armageddon without some snacks and dips.

The weather channel people,

Not prone to fits of calm,

Are warning full disaster in a nuclear weather bomb.

The Gortex suits are fresh and clean…

The hoods will soon be zipped.

Forecasts grow more manic, prophetic and tight-lipped.

They started this a week ago:

We’ve had so long to plan,

We ate up all our groceries before the storm began.

Our government officials cannot just sit and take it:

They don’t KNOW what’s coming,

No matter….

They just fake it!

Emergencies have been declared before we’ve seen a flake:

Decisions – wise or foolish – are always theirs to make.

They’re closing things already,

Banned commerce from the road:

How many days before they’re free to bring another load?

We once were more resilient.

We once were steely strong.

We sniffed the wind for coming storms,

But kept on keepin’ on.

We hadn’t heard of “wind chill”…

We just put on more clothes.

We knew Jack Frost might plague us with a reddened cheek or nose.

And little kids weren’t coddled on a snowy winter day:

They just put on their snowsuits, and ran outside to play.

They built igloos and snow forts,

Slid on homemade rinks…

Their Moms defeated death and doom

With steaming cocoa drinks….

With or without marshmallows,

These kids were without fear:

Wonder Bread bags and rubber boots

Made up their “Gortex” gear!

From nature and reality, we’re sadly out of touch….

We’re just a bunch of wusses,

Who watch TV too much!

Seidel and Cantore have built a rich career

Crying “wolf” in panic,

Filling folks with fear.

It isn’t fair to blame them,

The prize was theirs to win!

We bit – hook, line and sinker – and they simply reeled us in!

Whatever the storm turns out to be,

Be sanguine and forgiving….

We’ve run amok for seven days:

We should have just been….





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