Saint Patrick didn't eat this, but you can.......

Corned Beef and Cabbage II


The Northern Hemisphere,

The Irish wear the green.

They comb the woods for Leprechauns,

Whom some have never seen.

The music of the pipers

Forms a backdrop for the jokes.

The Irish love a story

So much more than other folks.

The truth is not a requisite for classic Irish tales…

Which may be why the Irish

Are often found in jails.

But, when it comes to cabbage,

Well, I cannot tell a lie:

It was not our Irish ancestors

Who first that “fish” did fry!

Because this taste sensation

That festoons your knife and fork

Was not first birthed in Ireland;

But here in old New York.

There in a crowded city,

Gathered pipers and brass bands

Paying tribute to their birth place

In manner loud and grand.

Thus began Saint Paddy’s Day with music on parade…

And for that great occasion, a special dish was made.

The cabbage is a humble plant,

Pale and stiff of leaf;

But, Oh, it gains in stature when it’s married to corned beef,

With onions, carrots, celery, and last in taters throw..

Slow cooking is the key to make

Those blending flavors grow.

And then it’s time for feasting,

Saint Patrick would be proud!

A tribute to old Ireland, enough to feed a crowd!

So, tie your bib quite firmly ‘round your hungry little throat,

And give a nod to Ireland, and not so humbly gloat..

Give thanks for spring that’s coming, affirming life anew,

And dig your fork with gusto

Into that cabbage stew!



Valentines - as well as love - come in many forms....